A Dream Come True: Speaking on a TEDx Stage!

Dear friends, I’m so happy to share with you that a long time dream to speak on a TEDx stage finally came true October 14, 2023!

I am deeply and passionately committed to saving elephants from extinction. I could not bear a world without them. My desire to be on a TEDx stage was to let the world know that elephants are facing impending extinction. Soon. But we can save them. And I explained how.

My presentation is about who magnificent elephants are and why we need them. They are stunningly brilliant, highly evolved, gentle and loving with huge empathic hearts. They shed tears when sad and deeply mourn their dead. And, they have mind-blowing abilities way beyond our capacity. Scientists say they are environmental engineers and keystone species needed to protect the planet. You will be amazed to discover that elephants are a walking splendor upon the earth.

I am available and would be delighted to speak to your group or organization. Spreading the word will help me gain the support and finances needed to build water sources for them in Africa. Below are some reviews from my TEDx talk. Please click the button below to schedule a meeting to discuss bringing my program to your area.

“Today I am pleased to introduce you to one of the most genuine people I have ever met who has a heart as big as the elephants she’s currently striving to protect. If you learn about Kristal’s story, you’ll learn that she had been passionate about standing for fair treatment and sustained life for both humans and animals alike. In her TEDxWoodinville talk, she educated and inspired all of us to open our ears and our hearts to understand why elephants matter to us all. This picture shows one of my favorite moments from Kristal’s talks [she’s expressing the largeness of elephants’ ears], and when you watch it, I’m guessing you’ll fall in love with her heart and passion the way the rest of our TEDxWoodinville team did. My life is better for having met her, and I can’t wait for you to see her, too!” —Kimberly Parry, Emergence Life Coaching


...knocks your socks off with her mighty message...

Kristal is a force of nature—pint-sized with gigantic passion and courage. She captures your heart immediately. And then knocks your socks off with her mighty message about elephants and their importance to life on Earth for all of us. Listen up! Her TEDx talk should and will grab you.

Corinna Fales

Please watch and share this talk.

As a wildlife advocate, I LOVED thisTalk! Kristal’s decades of dedication to stop elephant extinction is impressive, her time in Africa is mind bending and her willingness to stand for species like elephants who otherwise have no voice…is humbling. Please watch and share this talk.

Jacquie Chandler

Kristal was a true highlight of TEDxWoodinville.

Just like our friends the elephants, I’ll forever remember Kristal Parks’s TEDxWoodinville talk. It was an emotional rollercoaster that left me in awe.  Kristal was a true highlight of TEDxWoodinville. Her talk left me with a renewed sense of purpose and determination.

Jeffrey Weiss

I have been truly transformed in my understanding of the majestic world of elephants.

Kristal Parks is not just a passionate speaker; she is the ultimate authority on elephants. Her ability to illuminate the profound connection between elephants, climate change, environmental justice, and animal rights is nothing short of eye-opening. Through her incredible stories, I have been truly transformed in my understanding of the majestic world of elephants.

Further, Kristal’s gift as a storyteller, combined with her emotional connection to elephants, created a riveting and unforgettable experience. Her knowledge, built from international adventures in Africa and other countries, shared through captivating stories, should be a part of everyones education. Moreover, Kristal’s kindness and her unwavering commitment to living her values through action make her not just a speaker but a real-life inspiration. Her contributions to wildlife conservation and education are invaluable.

Meghan Bonde

...a heartfelt plea for understanding, compassion, and action...

Kristal Parks’ TEDx talk was a breathtaking journey into the heart and soul of elephant conservation, revealing the remarkable similarities between their thoughts and our own. With passion, eloquence, and an unwavering commitment to change, Kristal illuminated the invaluable role that these majestic creatures play in our world and why their preservation is a matter of urgency.

From the very beginning, Kristal’s presence on stage was captivating, and her love for elephants was infectious in the best way. Her talk wasn’t just an informative lecture; it was a heartfelt plea for understanding, compassion, and action. She reminded us that these sentient beings, elephants, have intricate emotional lives, and their existence is intrinsically linked to the well-being of our planet.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Kristal’s talk was her ability to draw parallels between human and elephant experiences, highlighting the depth of their intelligence and the complex nature of their social structures. She expertly bridged the gap between scientific research, personal anecdotes, and environmental impact, making the audience see elephants as fellow inhabitants of our shared Earth.

Kristal’s presentation was a masterclass in empathy and the power of human connection to nature. She reminded us that elephants have much in common with us – they experience joy, grief, and social bonds. Her message was clear: if we allow drought and poaching to drive them toward extinction, we are also driving the delicate web of life on our planet toward extinction as well. 

Her inspiring message will undoubtedly continue to touch the hearts of all who were privileged to experience it, motivating us to take action to ensure that elephants, our kin in spirit, continue to positively impact the world for generations to come.

Cheyenne Burnett

Kristal spotlights the urgent need to save these incredible animals from extinction.

Kristal’s TEDx talk brought me with her through her adventures in Africa, where she discovered the profound connection between humans and elephants. Her story of encountering Maasai warriors, witnessing the extraordinary compassion of elephants, and building a deep bond with these majestic creatures was heartwarming and eye-opening. Through her tireless efforts to educate communities about the importance of elephants, Kristal spotlights the urgent need to save these incredible animals from extinction. Her talk leaves a lasting impression, inspiring the audience to join her in preserving what she refers to as our world’s “walking splendor.”

Steve Berkley

...we must be diligent in our sacred role....

Kristal Parks is a rare individual in that she puts her causes for social justice and animal rights before her own safety and comfort. Kristal’s TEDxWoodinville speech was an amazing look at the role of elephants in our world, their highly sensitive ability to communicate with humans, and the dire fate of these precious animals on our ever changing planet. Kristal delivered her speech with information, inspiration and a little bit of entertainment so that the impact of her message came through loud and clear: We are our elephants’ keepers, and we must be diligent in our sacred role. We humans will determine the length of time we will inhabit the earth with these highly evolved beings, and under Kristal’s guidance we may be able to save the elephants along with our planet.

Judith Weigle

...she genuinely loves elephants and is a passionate advocate for their well-being...

If I could describe Kristal Parks in one word, it would be genuine. She is one of the most genuinely kind and open people I have met; she genuinely loves elephants and is a passionate advocate for their well-being; and she genuinely lights up the room—and a stage—when she speaks. I thoroughly enjoyed Kristal!

Kim Perry

...Kristal is on a mission to save elephants...

Kristal is an incredible speaker with a profound ability to inspire change. Her talk delved into her vast experiences as a biologist, activist, and elephant conservationist, showcasing her mission to prevent the extinction of elephants in Africa. With her organization, Pachyderm Power!, Kristal is on a mission to save elephants in Afarica by creating life-saving water sources, a powerful testament to her dedication to conservation and humanity.

Connor Joyce

She helps you see elephants in an invaluable light.

Kristal Parks is who we all would like to be at some point in our lives—a person who does good things for humanity. This biologist and lifelong activist has faced war (as a human shield), fought racism, apartheid, climate horrors, and has made a dramatic change in the future of elephants. Those sweet, surprisingly human, beings play a primary role in our planet’s welfare. She helps you see elephants in an invaluable light.

James Flaherty

...elephants are a walking splendor and environmental engineers vital for the planet...

Kristal had one of the most insightful talks of the evening. I can confidently say I learned more from this talk than any other talk of the night. Kristal’s talk was about realizing that elephants are a walking splendor and environmental engineers vital for the planet and we should be motivated to save them. Kristal’s speaking style was magnetic, filled with energy and enthusiasm that captivated the audience.

Jason Ferguson

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