Creating a Future for Elephants –
Keeping Them Wild and Free

Love in Action for Elephants

TEDx Talk

I am honored to have spoken at TEDxWoodinville on October 14, 2023 about saving elephants from extinction.

South Africa

Learn about our awareness and educational efforts for elephants in South Africa and how we inspired action to ensure their protection and survival.


Our pivitol work in Kenya tackles poaching, human conflict, drought, habitat loss and more to save the endangered African elephant.

Our Mission

Our passion and commitment is to protect awesome and magnificent elephants from abuse in the entertainment industry, stop poaching along with the sale of ivory, ban The Crushing Box, preserve them in the wild and, very importantly, build water sources for them to stop their impending extinction due to droughts caused by climate change.

We do our work from the elephants’ point of view.

We Can Protect and Preserve Elephants!

  1. Enjoy activities that don’t exploit animals, especially elephants;
  2. Choose other entertainment rather than elephant rides;
  3. Advocate for bans on ivory;
  4. Book Kristal to speak. We’ll come to you, near or far;
  5. Host a fundraising event or financially support our work.

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