When I see an elephant family, free and happy in the wild, the little babies playfully cavorting in the mud with the female adults so tenderly and protectively looking after them, and see a majestic bull elephant in the power of his musth with so much triumphant dignity, every part of my being rises up with one purpose: To do all I possibly can to conserve them in all their magnificence. since 2003, I have been working in the US, Asia, South Africa and Kenya to protect and preserve elephants.

In the UK, I had the great joy of meeting Will Travers, the director of Born Free. What an incredible and generous man he is and his organization is doing fantastic work around the world for wildlife.

In Kenya, I was privileged to meet some of the world’s top elephant experts and my heros…

Will Travers
Born Free

Dr. Iain Douglas Hamilton
Save the Elephants

Dr. Daphne Sheldrick
Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

I also met some Maasai and Samburu warriors and elders. I had not expected, at all, to be so lucky! Olenana, a Maasai warrior, took me to his village (which was way out in the boondocks with no paved road) to meet his family. I was thrilled! Some of his family had never seen a white person before and a little girl cried! I imagine that my long, curly blonde hair and white skin would be really scary!

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